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Alloy Steel Pipe
Alloy Steel Pipe
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      Alloy Steel Pipe is mainly used in high-pressure and high-temperature pipelines and equipment such as power plant, nuclear power, high-pressure boiler, high-temperature superheater and reheater. It is made of high-quality carbon steel, alloy structural steel and stainless heat-resistant steel, which is hot rolled (extruded, expanded) or cold rolled (drawn).
      The biggest advantage of alloy steel pipe is that it can be recycled 100%, which is in line with the national strategy of environmental protection, energy conservation and resource conservation. The national policy encourages the expansion of the application field of high-pressure alloy pipe. At present, the consumption of alloy tubes in China accounts for only half of the total steel in developed countries. The expansion of the application field of alloy tubes provides a broader space for the development of the industry. According to the research of the expert group of alloy pipe branch of China Special Steel Association, the demand for high-pressure alloy pipe long materials in China will increase by 10-12% annually in the future. Alloy pipe is defined as steel pipe according to the production material (i.e. material). As the name suggests, it is a pipe made of alloy; Seamless pipe is defined according to the production process of steel pipe (seamless seam). What is different from seamless pipe is seamless pipe, including straight seam welded pipe and spiral pipe.
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